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And So It Begins

There are no coincidences

Only the worthy shall find solace in the dark

Where actions are judged with consequences

And all strive to leave a mark

All shall pass who hold the key to Ragnarok

Yet while none hold the goddess’ tears -

A fragment from the mythical beasts will be

valuable indeed.

Enter Ragnarok

The Beginning Of The End


It was many and many a year ago, a time of kings and queens, where the monarchy ruled supreme, and gods were a myth. Men believed themselves to be the pinnacle of power; a force like none other in the entire metaverse. Drunk in pride and intoxicated by ego men thought themselves gods, and wholeheartedly believed this to be so. Each passing moment, they grew - ever more confident in themselves and in their self-proclaimed ascension to divinity. They ruled as such, believing nothing could stand in their way until that which they never imagined stood in their way.

With eyes bright blue as flames, and gleaming scales sharp as golden swords, the Dragon Guardian of the 7th dungeon stood before the kings of men, staring down at their puny mortal flesh, with an expressionless face as though they posed no threat at all. While on an expedition to conquer one of the many ancient dungeons, the kings of men stumbled upon a divine beast they never thought existed.

The dungeon challengers knew in an instant that death stood before them and there was absolutely nothing they could do. At that moment everything they believed crumbled before their eyes and their mortality rather than divinity couldn"t be any clearer. As they stood petrified, completely succumbed to their imminent fate, the Dragon Guardian utterly ignored them, turned his back on them, and fell into a slumber. An act of mercy? No! The dragon guardian, with no words at all, told the kings of men they were not even worth killing. An act that sparked the beginning of the end.

Soon after the fateful encounter, men, who once thought themselves all-powerful, now sought power at any cost. Men quickly lost themselves and turned against one another. Three factions sprang up out of the chaos, each believing they knew the right path to the divine power they sought. Turned out, they knew nothing at all. Wars broke out, and alliances were severed. Many died, while many changed. And so it was, that while men sought power, they found darkness instead.

Six Races To Be Minted



Once men of honor the werewolf faction remains strongly bonded even in darkness. In their search for the power to stand at the top, these men consulted the ancient mystic arts and cast spells to acquire superhuman strength. Little did they know that the dark arts always came with a price. Condemned to lose control of themselves every full moon, these men live in packs in distant lands away from the other factions. They're very powerful yet calculating, and would, in most cases, choose peace unless their territory is intruded. Their ultimate goal is to conquer the curse of the moon which causes them to lose control.


Eight Mythical Lands to Explore










Mag Mell







Bullish Roadmap

Season 1 - Q1 2022

Building RoC community

Mint Phase 1 - Identity fragments are minted

Mint Phase 2 - Freyja’s relics are minted

Relics are staked to generate $TEARS

Mint Phase 3 - Initial beasts are minted

On-chain game is launched

Season 1 - Q1 2022

roadmap tail

Q2 2022

Treasure and EXP Chests attainable via expeditions

120 weapons with different rarity & attributes

Combining weapons

Fusing and equipping relics via Dark Cauldron

Level 20 Beast class change

Level up indicator

Live Quiz and Treasure Hunt as community Event

Sneak Peak for Season 2 through AMA

Boss Raid Introduced

Q2 2022

roadmap tail

Season 2 Q3 2022

Boss Raid Live

Consumable Items

Beast Skills

Pets NFT at Ethereum L1

Season 2 Q3 2022

roadmap tail

Q4 2022

3 New Factions (Angels, Demons, and Dragons)

More gameplay mode

Q4 2022

roadmap tail

Super Team

Smart Contract Dev


Smart Contract Dev

Tokenomics and Growth

MMX 777#7806

Tokenomics and Growth

Front End Dev


Front End Dev

Community manager

hayase.eth 🏴#9209

Community manager